Immersed in sonic explorations & collaborative adventures in music film & art 

My solo album Lost in Blue is now mastered

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In the Studio…….I may be some time


Summer madness

a1786920550_16artwork Brian Shanks-Amini

Cultural Attachés

Colours ep

Cultural Attachés my project with electronic music producer Thomas Gandey 

Colours ep out now featuring Ashley Slater limited free download on my bandcamp

COLOURS ep Cultural Attachés


Blue Contempt

Blue Contempt my brand new track with Lydia Lunch video directed by Jasmine Hirst preview off my new solo album Lost in Blue produced by Dave Ball + Riccardo Mulhall to be released later this year

Studio latest


I was in two studios over summer in London on my solo album Lost in Blue & also in Liverpool with my ZANTi partner Derek Forbes finishing our first album together at Parr Street studios with production engineer Ando Wright …


London Calling …

Jazz saxophonist Al Nicholls dropped by Kick studio in Richmond over summer and blasted us all with his totally absorbing playing on my solo collaborative production team Dave Ball + Riccardo Mayhall were suitably inspired …

My friend & UK no 1 jazz trumpet Enrico Tomasso came to the studio and contributed some incredible playing on my solo album. Harpist MC & the 7 Pedals also dropped by the studio with fantastic results as did multi-instrumentalist Joanna Neale adding atmospheric brilliance on zither and recorder….

…Dave Ball suggested I write a track for Medicine Head legend John Fiddler to guest on my album and it turned out to be a very special collaboration

More album news soon….

 Hits and Pieces The Best of Marc Almond Soft Cell

Great to make a few appearances on the top 20 album ‘Hits and Pieces’


Marc Almond’s Anthology Trials of Eyeliner 

Happy to also have many appearances on this Marc Almond box set including several co-writes arrangements + co-productions


10/10 …. coupled with the criminally underrated Marc And The Mambas whose dark/new wave/gothic albums Untitled and Torment And Toreros saw Almond work with the likes of Matt Johnson, Anni Hogan and J.G. Thirlwell…

Paul Scott-Bates Louder than War

Hogan‘s keyboards and instrumental arrangements remain uniformly excellent

Ned Raggett  Allmusic

Marc and the Mambas 

Various work with Marc Almond 1980-89

The material of his that I find the strongest is the range of albums he made with Anni Hogan as his musical director

Matthew Ingham Dangerous Minds 2013

photo michael l morton ’85

Various collaborative works include : Derek Forbes (Simple Minds/Propaganda) Marc Almond (Soft Cell Marc & The Mambas La Magia Willing Sinners) Dave Ball (Soft Cell/The Grid) Nick Cave Lydia Lunch Wolfgang Flur (ex-Kraftwerk) Jarboe (Swans) Barry Adamson (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds/Magazine) Kid Congo Powers (Cramps/Gun Club/Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) John Fiddler (Medicine Head) Gavin Friday (Virgin Prunes/Bono) Jan Pulsford (Cyndi Lauper) Richard Strange (Doctors of Madness) Rusty Egan (Visage) Sex Gang Children William Orbit Attrition Simon Fisher Turner Yello Cactus Rain  Zeke Manyika (Orange Juice) Thomas Lang Scanner Scanni Enrico Tomasso Al Nicholls Thomas Gandey Jennifer John Ashley Slater (Freakpower) Ursula 1000 Kurt Baggaley (Escape One) Itchy Ear A&I Rachel McFarlane Mekon JG Thirlwell aka Foetus David Coulter Billy Chainsaw Kris Force AEAEA MC & the 7 Pedals Riccardo Mulhall MITRA 

anni-143-copy-5robinson photographic 2015



Nouveau Noir 


Anni & Itchy new album released

 March 2017 Ultra-Mail-Prod

A&I  vimeo


Welcome to the Dancefloor

I am happy to have contributed a song on Rusty Egan’s highly praised CD ‘Welcome to the Dancefloor’ – The song ‘Love Can Conquer All’ was originally written by myself Itchy Ear + Nicole Clark




ZANTi  is my new band with Derek Forbes (Simple Minds, Propaganda)

a new song-writing partnership and multi-media adventure





 New pieces uploaded including Rain Upon The Stars with Kurt Baggaley

Deux Filles

My first ever recording was Fleur’s Dolls with Simon Fisher Turner and Colin Lloyd-Tucker for the Deux Filles album Silence & Wisdom.  It was great to contribute piano again on their 2015 Deux Filles album Space & Time.

13131406_10153415112497653_8295464203166950765_ored at Blue photo itchy ear 


Blue in a Black & White World

Installation piece commissioned by Roger Hill’s Popular Music Show for In Situ

BBC Radio Merseyside 2016

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Scanni are Anni Hogan & Scanner


 Scanni released Scanni Feb 2016 on Strike Force Entertainment via Cherry Red

An exciting electro-acoustic collaboration from two of the UK’s foremost contemporary composers, Scanni fuses the sensibilities of pianist and celebrated arranger Anni Hogan (Marc & The Mambas, Marc Almond) with the avant-garde noise production and curation of celebrated electronic musician and sampler Scanner across ten tracks that feature a wealth of guest musicians and vocalists from the alternative music scene

A super project, so to speak. But instead of overwhelming the listener with a thunderous sound, he is confronted with an intimate, almost mystical atmosphere. There are some pop elements on this album, but the macabre atmosphere (think of David Lynch) gets the upper hand. Sometimes it’s jazzy, sometimes pure pop and then you just do not know which style you would call it. Scanni is a very remarkable record, not of old legends, but of artists who have reinvented themselves

Didier Becu

Scanni Once Upon

Scanni is a brave album containing some elegant alternative pop the like of which is rarely heard

Paul Scott-Bates  Louder Than War

Scanni have released 2 remix eps



photo bridget 

Anni Hogan and Wolfgang Flur with Gormley’s Iron Men at Crosby Beach 2007



Golden Light written by Anni Hogan and Wolfgang Flur (ex-Kraftwerk) is on Scanni and  also features on Wolfgang Flur‘s 2015 Cherry Red album release Eloquence interview with Wolfgang Flur

Which artists around today do you most highly rate?

Stefan Lindlahr, my music partner. Royksopp of Norway, Andi Toma from Düsseldorf’s Mouse on Mars, Lucas Krohn from Stabil Elite in Düsseldorf, Mylo from Scotland, Anni Hogan from England,Nortec Collective from Mexico, and Jack Dangers from San Francisco to name a few!

Jarboe/Helen Money

 I sat in as a guest with Jarboe + Helen Money at a Chaos Theory event at Cafe Oto in March 2015



Siberia by Anni Hogan & Itchy Ear released Ultra-Mail-Prod 2015

Siberia is a collection of compositions intended for the imaginary undiscovered lost scenes from the films of the great masters of European cinema



Music from Billy Chainsaw’s Alphabill….a love story

Anni Hogan & Martin Bowes  Ultra-Mail-Prod 2015

Hogan composed and designed the sonic landscape for Alphabill with Martin Bowes. Heavy drones and low throbbing organs with blues influenced melancholic pianos share the palet with otherworldly sonic inventions creating a tension filled dystopian exploration of artist Billy Chainsaw’s Burroughs-Alphaville inhabited world  

photos itchy ear

With Billy Chainsaw + Martin Bowes

Alphabill launch at London’s Horse Hospital

Millions of the Mouthless Dead 

ATTRITION - Millions of the Mouthless Dead - CD cover

Anni Hogan & Martin Bowes Attrition 2015  Ultra-Mail-Prod

Millions of the Mouthless Dead a WW1 concept album written and performed by Anni Hogan and Martin Bowes Attrition including WW1 poetry & found sounds produced and mastered by Bowes driven by his grandfather’s own WW1 history. Also + Wolfgang Flur (ex-Kraftwerk)

This album is inspired and dedicated to the millions on all sides that experienced the living hell that was Europe 1914-18

  robinson photographic   art david thorn

MITRA Music for Nepal

I produced the 76 track MITRA Music for Nepal download album and co-founded the MITRA project with climber Cathy O’Dowd to help create funds for Nepal after the terrible earthquakes in April 2015

Language is a Virus from Outer Space

603861_786614011388331_1475817469791974829_nphoto christina jansen

anni-134-copy-3robinson photographic     art shirt billy chainsaw

 I opened Richard Strange’s grand event celebrating William Burroughs at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London with a music + visuals performance premiering C.H.I.P (Chainsaw Hogan Installation Project: a mixed-media collaboration with Billy Chainsaw) October 2014



AEAEA all female collaboration : Anni Hogan Jarboe Kris Force Meredith Yayanos Zoe Keating

 AEAEA Drink The New Wine was released 2014 Twilight Records

a musical odyssey through a sensuous landscape of cinematic ambience

12291156_902493673133697_36384689883214166_ostudio blue photo itchy ear 

Unraveller of Angels 


I contributed piano on several tracks on Attrition‘s 2103 album Unraveller of Angels



I co-wrote When I Was Walt Whitman with Leslie Winer & Jon Gosling for Mekon



Anni Hogan film and soundtrack Mountain was released on Cold Spring Records 2011

ANNI HOGAN – ‘Mountain’ CD / DVD DualDisc (CSR132CD)

Mountain is an artistic collaboration between composer and pianist Anni Hogan and mountaineer-adventurer Cathy O’Dowd produced with sound artist Rob Strachan and film-maker Bob Wass 

Mountain film trailer e-flyer and live clip from 2010 Kendal Mountain Film Festival live performance with Cathy O’Dowd Rob Strachan & filmed by Bob Wass

photos bob wass 

Soundcheck Kendal Mountain Festival 2010 


photo henry iddon

Mountain live performance at Dundee Mountain Film Festival 2010

Live performance at Tate Liverpool for 2008 Biennial with Rob Strachan filmed by Bob Wass

Cactus Rain


My band Cactus Rain signed to Virgin’s 10 Records label in 1989 and released one album In Our Own Time and three singles. Artwork by Sex Pistols artist Jamie Reid



Kickabye was released as a vinyl 12″ ep on Cabaret Voltaire’s Doublevision label in 1985 with guests Marc Almond Nick Cave and Budgie produced by Jim Foetus Thirlwell.  It made the top 5 in the NME experimental charts and has since become a cult classic.

 Kickabye was re-issued as an expanded double CD on Cold Spring records 2009 and includes early works with Yello Deux Filles Barry Adamson Zeke Manyika 

ANNI HOGAN – ‘Kickabye’ 2 x CD (CSR99CD)

This is history and you won’t miss it… (5/5)

Chain D.L.K. Maurizio Pustianaz

Quirky, diverse, both enchanting yet conversely disturbing, and well off the beaten track, “Kickabye” is a welcome diversion to the world of avant garde and to all things strange and not very normal at all! Come on in… the water is strangely sparkly…

Hierophant Nox: Satanic Muttley

An immense collaborative effort passionate recordings with intimate intensity involving a plethora of special guests plus rare early recordings and early Anni guest appearance

Anni Hogan is one of the true geniuses of the alternative scene

Cold Spring Records 2009

blue photos bridget art abby hellasdottir

11012851_10152589764812653_7501350793968071353_nanni hogan & marat photo huw feather chamber of horrors madam tussauds ’84

13433290_10153487387972653_8259081978918152652_o-1anni studio blue photo itchy ear


On Collaboration and other topics…….

On Collaboration: A Conversation With Anni Hogan