Lost in Blue – album trailer

 Lost in Blue  – preview Blue Contempt with Lydia Lunch

Truth –  Jarboe & Helen Money featuring Anni Hogan


In my RoomMarc & The Mambas UK TV

Saint JudyMarc & La Magia 1986 Soho Jazz Festival

Various work includes : Zanti with Derek Forbes (Simple Minds/Propaganda) Marc Almond (Soft Cell Marc & The Mambas La Magia Willing Sinners) Dave Ball (Soft Cell/The Grid) Riccardo Mulhall Nick Cave Lydia Lunch Wolfgang Flur (ex-Kraftwerk) Jarboe (Swans) Barry Adamson (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds/Magazine) Kid Congo Powers (Cramps/Gun Club/Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) John Fiddler (Medicine Head) Gavin Friday (Virgin Prunes/Bono) Jan Pulsford (Cyndi Lauper) Richard Strange (Doctors of Madness) Rusty Egan (Visage) Sex Gang Children William Orbit Paul Weller Attrition Simon Fisher Turner Yello Cactus Rain  Zeke Manyika (Orange Juice) Thomas Lang Scanni Scanner Enrico Tomasso Al Nicholls Joanna Neale Cultural Attachés Thomas Gandey Jennifer John Ashley Slater (Freakpower) Ursula 1000 Kurt Baggaley Itchy Ear A&I Rachel McFarlane Mekon Foetus MC & the 7 Pedals David Coulter Billy Chainsaw Kris Force AEAEA Arabella Rodriguez Phil Hartley Mountain Cathy O’Dowd  MITRA  

Releases 1980-


Guest/Composition/Production 1980-


Marc Almond Production/Writing/Arrangement/Various instruments 1980-89



Music highlights include :

Soft Cell electric piano on Fun City b side Say Hello Wave Goodbye 1981

DJ 80s – Leeds Phonographique Warehouse Amnesia  Soft Cell tours Batcave + various Some Bizarre events including TheThe Einesturzende Neuabauten Test Department and   GLC closing party 

Sleaze First Marc and the Mambas release keyboards 1982

Deux Filles Silence & Wisdom composed piano and strings Fleur’s Dolls 1982

Immaculative Consumptives Lydia Lunch Marc Almond Foetus and Nick Cave writing arranging recording backing tracks 1983 

Marc Almond  10 years various elements including producer, writer, arranger, performer and MD 1980-1989

Foetus aka Jg Thirlwell producer Kickabye + co-write Love Amongst The Ruined with Marc Almond Some Bizarre

Channel 4 Play at Home Siouxie & The Banshees did their own unique surreal version of Alice in Wonderland, with a full supporting cast including Anni as the doormouse.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvBvIB3K4ps

Nick Cave Piano Her to Eternity demos Nick guested and co-wrote Vixo on Kickabye 1984

Yello Guest piano compositional impro Blue Nabou b side Vicious Games + album Stella 1984 / 2005

Doublevision Recording artist 1985 release Kickabye 12” featuring Nick Cave Marc Almond Budgie Foetus production

GLC Closing party performance with Marc Almond

Zeke Manyika keyboards on the album Call and Response Polydor 1985

Hugh Masakela & Zeke Manyika guest support London Africa Centre 1985

No-Clause28 performed as solo artist Finsbury Park 1988

Barry Adamson Strings and Vibraphone on the album Moss Side Story 1988 and The Man With The Golden Arm 12” 7”

Paul Weller Vibraphone 3 tours Style Council 1988

Marc Almond & Gene Pitney co-produced no1 UK hit Gold disc 1988 Produced co-wrote and arranged (with Marc Almond & Billy McGee) Stars We Are album silver disc

Cactus Rain recording artist at Virgin Records including 2 tours supporting Carmel and Edwin Collins 1990-1994 1 album In Our Own Time + 3 singles including William Orbit mix artwork by artist Jamie Reid

British Tennis Commissioned promo music 2000 

Pidgin Productions Composed music – Billy No Mates 2002 http://explore.bfi.org.uk/4ce2bd0ff2f5a)

British Film Magazine 2005-2006

Rachel McFarlane co-wrote & produced single 2007 

The Beat Goes On contributing artist – exhibit World Museum Liverpool 2008 http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/wml/exhibitions/thebeatgoeson/

Tate Liverpool Live Performance for Long Night of the Biennial curated by HIVE 2008 http://www.thehivecollective.co.uk/past_events.htm

DJ Wolfgang Flur ex-Kraftwerk various European and British events supporting his Musik Soldat shows 2008-2016 

DJ Cabaret Futura 2009-2010

Cold Spring Records Recording artist 2009-

Cold Spring Records Kickabye expanded re-issue 2009

Ship of Fools Kickabye expanded re-issue launch live performance London for Kaparte 2009 

AEAEA Jarboe ex-Swans invited to join all female cross-Atlantic album collective 2009-2014 composition/instruments Drink The New Wine album release 2014 Twilight Records

Kendal Mountain Film Festival Multi-media live perfromance Mountain 2010 with Cathy O’Dowd first woman in history to summit Everest from both sides & Rob Strachan + visuals Bob Wass

Dundee Mountain Film Festival 2010 live performance Mountain with Cathy O’Dowd Rob Strachan

Cold Spring Records Mountain 2012 CD/DVD release with Cathy O’Dowd Rob Strachan Bob Wass

Attrition album Unraveller of Angels album composed piano parts 2013

Mekon co-write piano When I Was Walt Whitman with Leslie Winer for Piece of Work album 2013 Warp

Language is a Virus from Outer Space – Richard Strange curated William Burroughs centenary event live performance – Anni opened the show Queen Elizabeth Hall with Burroughs influenced artist Billy Chainsaw curated film Chainsaw-Hogan Installation Project 2014

 Anni & Itchy collaboration with sound designer Itchy Ear album Siberia 2015 Ultra-Mail Prod.

MITRA Music for Nepal co-founder co-ordinated and produced music compilation to raise funds for Nepal earthquakes disaster 2015 https://mitramusic4nepal.wordpress.com/

Millions of the Mouthless Dead album Anni Hogan + Martin Bowes Attrition 2015

Wolfgang Flur composition/production/piano Golden Light 2016 Cherry Red album Eloquence

Scanni Anni Hogan & Scanner 2016 Cherry Red album Scanni

Simon Fisher Turner piano composition contributed for Snow Drops on Deux Filles album Space & Time 2016

Rusty Egan album Welcome to the Dancefloor co-write Love Can Conquer All 2017 Mosaic

Trails of Eyeliner Marc Almond compilation released includes Hogan work Universal 2016

BBC Merseyside commission contributing artist for Roger Hill’s Popular Music Show  ‘In Situ’ 2016 https://soundcloud.com/pms-in-situ/05-anni-hogan-cage?in=pms-in-situ/sets/in-situ

Anni & Itchy collaboration with sound designer Itchy Ear album Nouveau Noir 2017 Ultra-Mail Prod.

Hits & Pieces Marc Almond compilation includes Hogan work album UK chart entry no 7 2017 Universal

BBC Merseyside commission contributing artist for Roger Hill’s Popular Music Show PMS 40 for 40 Show http://www.pmsradio.co.uk/40-for-40.html – no 19 40 Years Adrift In The Waves

Contributed written article on Mambas iconic song Black Heart for artist Jamie McLeod book I Created Me celebrating 20 years of his avant-garde portraits of Marc Almond

Zanti with Derek Forbes ex-Simple Minds/Propaganda album forthcoming on Downwards 2018

Lost in Blue new solo album produced by Dave Ball with Ricc Mulhall feat Lydia Lunch John Fiddler Gavin Friday Kid Congo Powers Richard Strange Wolfgang Flur Celine Hispiche Scarlet West Derek Forbes Enrico Tomasso David Coulter Al Nicholls MC&the7Pedals Joanna Neale

Blue Contempt with Lydia Lunch preview video from Lost in Blue directed by Jasmine Hirst



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